Information technology has become so complex, it now falls into two diverging disciplines.

These diverging disciplines require increasingly different abilities and approaches:

Digital Risk Management

  • Preventing Breaches: Protecting corporate data from unauthorized access, sharing, or destruction. Constantly improving security to protect from emerging threats.

  • Preventing Downtime: Caring for and maintaining cloud platforms, network equipment, & servers. “Keeping the lights on.”

  • Requirements: Aversion to risk yet must be pragmatic, substantial vendor management, zero assumptions, skepticism and depth of experience.

  • Our Solution: Allixo SENTINEL

Digital Work Management

  • Empowering Teams: Selecting and implementing the right software and devices for your teams, ensuring digital work flows efficiently.

  • Empowering Individuals: Helpdesk for users and their devices; enabling them to leave on time each day, unfrustrated by technology.

  • Requirements: Empathy, data and analytical skills, aptitude for learning and managing software apps, excellent communication skills, and a desire to help.

  • Our Solution: Allixo PRO & ASSIST

We can help you with both.