Question: Have you ever wondered how secure your IT vendors are?

It’s worth a thought, given what they have access to (usually everything).

Frankly, most IT service providers are like plumbers with leaky pipes at home.

This is a serious risk and should concern any business executive.

This was also Allixo, until we realized a very simple truth: If we expect to protect our clients, we must lead the way.

We spent 2 years solving this problem, and today we have a comprehensive internal security program, built with the guidance of qualified security architects. Developing this program led to the security services we offer today.

We also learned “secure” isn’t a place you end up; it’s a direction.

However, you shouldn’t take our word for it: Review Our Auditor’s Attestation.

Relevant: In 2018 The US Department of Homeland Security issued this warning to the IT provider industry, warning us we are a target of organized cyber-crime.

Worth a Mention: Allixo’s headquarters is a secure facility protected by commercial access control, surveillance, and other physical security measures. Additionally, we have redundant carrier-grade fiber internet and power. We aspire to be a true “City on a Hill,” where the lights are always on and you will always find a helping hand.