It’s Time to Upgrade

  • We're Local. We are located in Mount Vernon and employ 22 people.

  • Reliability. 99.9% up-time guaranteed with redundant equipment, systems, power, and carriers.

  • Super-speed. Our network has ultra-low latency. Just 2 'hops' from the internet.

  • Better performance. Low jitter (variation in latency) and high throughput. This means better everything!

Service Areas

We have partnered with the City of Mount Vernon, City of Burlington, and Port of Skagit to offer enterprise grade services to businesses in Skagit Valley. We have been offering our business grade fiber service since 2012 and presently are the only Skagit-based ISP in operation.

Service Plans & Pricing

Below you will find our monthly pricing plans. Installation costs will vary based on your location, building type, etc.

City of Mount Vernon & Burlington (Lit Fiber)

  • 250Mbps Down & 100Mbps Up: $149/mo

  • 500Mbps Down & 100Mbps Up at $199/mo

  • 1 Gig Down & 100Mbps Up at $249/mo (Gigabit Internet!)

Port of Skagit (Dark Fiber)

  • 1 Gig Down & 1 Gig Up at $349/mo (Gigabit Internet!)

Need phone services?
We can do that too! Contact us for a custom quote for your particular phone service needs.

Not a business? Try Pogozone. They offer wireless service for your home.